Chicago's Kitchen Remodeling Experts.

Chicago's Kitchen Remodeling Experts.

A kitchen remodel is an enormous project for many homeowners. 

Let our stress-free kitchen remodeling make your life easier. 

Our processes, from concept to warranty, are the ways to 

make your kitchen remodel a success.


From pre-planning (very important) to designing and crafting the kitchen you envisioned

Pegasus Builds is the right company to take on your kitchen renovation project.


With your vision on the type of flooring to cabinets to door/drawer knobs and more, 

we discuss your wants, needs and budgeting to make sure you get 

value and the kitchen you have been dreaming about.

Start your kitchen remodeling journey with Pegasus Builds, let us show you what we offer. 

Why we are different, with a FREE initial consultation

You will be glad you did. 

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Not ready to consult with us just yet? 

We made this guide to help you 

with your kitchen remodeling and renovation project. 

It will help you make educated decisions, explain what it involves 

and how the entire process should go.

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